Tri-Boro Ramps

Location: East Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 11
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $1.9 Million

This project included the rehabilitation of the an 11-span, multi-girder, Tri-Boro Bridge (SR 2083) over Turtle Creek, Norfolk Southern and Union railroad tracks. Advantage performed the installation of a temporary superstructure support system at four different locations along the expressway to facilitate jacking and bearing replacement operations. Also, the team performed demolition of the existing T-span and replacement of the cross girder and stringers. Additional tasks included:

  • Removal and reset of five-span steel girders (eight lines of girders for each span).
  • Removal and replacement of steel girders and steel cap beams in two spans.
  • Jacked three-spans to perform pier repairs and bearing replacements.